Best Of The Web - Bloke Pulls Off Sweet-Ass 'Space Jam' Dunk

Remember the most 90's thing ever fathomed, Space Jam? Halcyon days indeed. Anyway, some whippersnapper just recreated one of Michael Jordan's sweetest moves from the film, live at a ‘dunk contest’.



Depressingly, Zach LaVine, the kid in question, was a whole 1 years old when the film came out.

Maybe we could apply this bizarre concept to UK sports? I know for a fact that there'd be nothing sweeter than a live Juninho/Pirlo/Beckham free kick-off.

Or what about a cricketing Ultimate Slugfest? Batsmen given 6 targets to pick out in the stands, marks being awarded for hitting them in the most flair way possible - obviously maximum points available would be for nailing one with a switch hit, ramp shot (with flamingo flourish) using the wrong side of the bat whilst half way down the track, singing an Elvis medley into a radio mic, to a slow bouncer.

Or something.