Best Of The Web - BIG HIT

What's ginger and hits harder than a honk on a meth pipe? Ruslan Casey.


You’d be forgiven for not knowing who this Kiwi whippersnapper is, but he’s recently put in ONE OF THE BIGGEST HITS OF ALL TIME - it’s a real rib jangler.





There are two terrifying aspects to the video below: firstly that it’s a school game and secondly that the lad who gets snapped in two calmly popped an assist away before re-locating his head and getting up to join the celebrations.


New Zealand, how do you make them like that? What magic churns out mere children with that sort of rugby ability? Considering Wales’ recent domination of Northern Hemisphere rugby and New Zealand’s never ending status as top dogs south of the equator, the natural conclusion is that an abundance of sheep is the sporting panacea.


Time we moved England’s centre of excellence to farm in Cumbria.


Anyway, in the spirit impressive work, here’s a lazy article containing some more big rugby union hits to enjoy discretely at your desk.


There's no order or theme to them, they were a selection of the first ones that came up when I Youtubed, 'Big Rugby Union hits', cool?


 Sebastian Chabal on Chris Masoe


Really pleasant stuff. The moment the Kiwi No.8 attempts to walk off and proceeds to chow down on more turf is a considerable highlight.



Brian Lima on Derick Hougaard


Lima made a career out of assaults like this. Unconfirmed rumours suggest that Hougaard had once erroneously served a warm gazpacho at a dinner party, hence the ferocity of Lima's attack.



Schalke Burger on Fourie Du Preez


Lovely hit involving the two most South African sounding men in history. Philip Seymour Hoffman came out best in this confrontation. Lekker eh?


Manu Tuilagi on David Wallace


Just one of dozens of huge hits Tuilagi has thrown down of late. This one ended Wallace’s playing career (sadface).



Stirling Mortlock on David Pocock


Just a couple of top cobbers going at it hammer and tong. Real great pricks the pair of them, sorting out a recent Vegemite dispute like proper blokes.



Josh Lewsey on Mat Rogers


An old favourite. Broke several ribs and left Rogers unable to surf any longer. The ultimate way to wound an Aussie.




Courtney Lawes on Morgan Parra


Watch and laugh as the puny Frenchman gets swallowed by a mighty giant. You can pretty much see the moment Parra’s humerus disassociates itself from his torso.