Sports Pubs and Bars in Soho showing sports live

The heart of London is not the easiet place to search for a great sports pub. Many of central London's pubs have shut up their sports shops, scrapping sky sports and heralding the era of wine bars and cocktail conveniences. Nowhere is this more apprpriate than in Soho pubs. But all is not lost... a few beacons of light remain on the likes of Dean Street, Greek Street and Chinatown. There might not be too many sports bars knowcking around, but there are a few remaining spot in which you can watch sport in soho. Just scroll down this page, check for a pub near where you are, or you're going to be and click on the photo. There, you'll find out what to expect - the number of screens, the opening times and, most importantly, what games the pub's gonna be showing. Good luck!

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Soho might have a reputation for night life, film and sex shops, but it's sport that we're after at MatchPint. But, we're not only searching for sky sports pubs and bars, but we want to know where in Soho you guys can watch specific sports matches on TV. That's why, when you click on a pub photo on this page, you'll take a look at the pub profile and have a chance to see their upcoming fixtures. These fixtures are selected by pub owners and managers to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date. There are, in fact, a surprising number of Soho pubs that show sport - from the Golden Lion on Dean Street to the Pillars of Hercules on Greek Street (both with Sky SPorts). There are also one or two surprises, like Thirst on Greek Street that goes mad for the Tour de France Cycling on TV every summer! As ever, the point in MatchPInt is to find out what the nearest and best pubs are for the game that you want to watch. Finally, if you're one of those lucky kids to have a smart phone (hey, who doesn't), you can download our free app to find out all of this information on the run - as you walk through the streets of Soho even!


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