This handy page will show you your nearest sports pub in Shoreditch, showing live sport on TV. Have a peruse through the list of great pubs in Shoreditch below, or, to see the one closest to you, enter your postcode into the search box. To help you decide on where to go we've included a wealth of information on each bar. Click on the name of the pub to discover how many screens it has, whether they show in HD or 3D, its opening hours and what the menu is like. You can see photos, read reviews from other punters and generally get a feel for the place before heading for a pint with the game.

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Ah Shoreditch. Home of the skinny jean, bicycles older than your nan, experimental barnets and people who could be really trendy or just tramps. This hipster heartland is beloved of those who march to the beat of a different drum but no matter what your lifestyle choice, there is one great, unifying thing out there come Saturday afternoon – sport on TV. That’s right, Johnny Alternative is just as likely to want to knuckle down in front of the big game in a pub as Melanie Mainstream. As a result, Shoreditch is littered with cracking boozers all with their own unique charms and quirks showing everything from big Premier League and Champions League blockbusters to more niche offerings like US and Irish sports. MatchPint, the UK’s No.1 pub finder, is here to help you source the very finest watering holes in Shoreditch. Click on a pub’s profile to see a whole heap of key info such as how many screens it has, what the menu is like, it's opening times, any drink offers they have on and even if you’re pooch is allowed in to watch the game. You’ll even have access to reviews from other MatchPint users meaning you can be sure that a pub is the best Shoreditch sports bar for you.


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