Looking to watch a game at one of the best pubs in Sedgley? Well, you're on the right page. Use this page to check out the profiles of all the pubs showing live sport on TV in the area. You can narrow your search by entering your postcode in the box below. Click on one of their profiles to find out all the information you need - check out their facilities, which fixtures they are showing, look at their menu and you can even invite your mates and make a booking.   If you fancy venturing out of Sedgley, check out our page for the best pubs in Walsall.

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Sedgley, in the borough of Dudley, has produced people with one of the best accents in the UK. Known as the Black Country dialect, it is very unique and often difficult to understand. For example, 'wammal' means dog. 'Kaylied' means drunk. 'Tatting' means collecting scrap metal. Obvious, right? Whilst this may not be so clear, what is clear, is that there are some blooming great boozers in the area. Have a gander and the list below, choose one and settle in for a couple of pints with your mates. Have a great time, kidda.


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