Sports Bars and Pubs in Reading

So you're looking for a pub in Reading... what do you want to know? Probably if it's got Sky Sports; maybe if it has a big screen; definitely if it serves good pints! Most of all, though, you want to know that when you go in to watch your favourite team, the pub isn't gonna be showing a different match to the one you want. That's why we're here.

Not only will we point you in the direction of the best Sky Sports pubs and the best ruddy sports bars in the land, we'll also tell you which matches they're gonna be showing. All you have to do is type your postcode in the box on left, tick a box if you're looking for something specific and check out the results. To see which matches will be on, just click on their photo and then go to Upcoming Fixtures. Simples.

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  Full of great sports bars and pubs, Reading is a great spot for fans of matches and pints! You've got your likely candidates of course - the Rileys' and the Walkabouts of this world but you've also fantastic sky sports pubs like Pavlov's Dog by the train station. With MatchPint, you can find the best venue for you to cheer on your team and guzzle down those pints of lemonade. Want 3D TVs? Ask us. Want beer gardens? Ask us. Want a victory for Reading? No chance. If you're done looking for Reading pubs, you can always check out the other great features of MatchPint. Have a look at our recommended pubs and bars in London for each major sport, read one of our irreverant blogs, or just go to the app store and download our free app for the next time your after great Reading pubs for sport. Cheers guys, keep it emotional.


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