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You've found it! An extensive list of all the American Football live on TV that's being shown in British pubs! Just look below to find how many pubs and bars across London and the UK and showing the games. 

If you're looking for other US Sports, just head on over to our dedicate pages for Basketball, Baseball and Ice Hockey live on TV. 

We're dedicated to helping you find pubs showing Super Bowl with ease - simply find the fixture, enter your location and we’ll find the nearest sports bars and pubs where you can catch it.

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American Football

There are two reasons why it’s not always easy to find live NFL on TV in the UK, or any other US sport for that matter. Firstly, we don’t have a big sports bar culture in which any man can waltz in, order a stack of ribs and a couple of Bud lights before bedding in for a sporting afternoon. In US bars, he can watch whatever sport he wants on one of a gazillion screens showing all kinds of ball-related activities. This side of the Atlantic, we don’t do booths, we do chesterfield sofas and smoking areas.

Second, most of the Basketball, Baseball and all other ball/puk based sports that only Americans play, are shown in the middle of the night UK time, so you're often lucky if you find somewhere open long enough to see you into the 6th hour of the Super Bowl live on TV (I suppose we invented a game that takes 5 days so…). Nevertheless, hopefully we can help you find US sports bars in London and across the UK.

So, if you want to watch the Super Bowl or the NFL playoffs in pubs and bars, have a look. You can also try and find places showing live Basketball on TV or even College Basketball. For those of a chilly disposition, check out which pubs and bars are screening the Ice Hockey and if you don’t like cricket (we love it), then there’s always Baseball.

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US NFL Pre-Season
US NFL Pre-Season
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Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys
Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburgh Steelers
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Dallas Cowboys