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Mixed Martial Arts' popularity has soared in recent years, and with it the amount of UK fight fans looking for bars showing UFC live on TV growing too. Due to bouts often taking place late at night and the fact that pubs need to pre-order the event means that demand often outstrips supply with regards to bars showing fights. Thankfully that's changing however! Below you can find all the UFC events taking place in the near future. Select your event and then enter your location to see which bars nearby are showing McGregor, Bisping, Holme et al duke it out in the octagon. Love a bit of rough and tumble regardless of its format? You might be interested in seeing what live boxing is coming up on TV soon!

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Looking for pubs showing McGregor vs Khabib? You're in the right place. Click the link below and search by location.

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UFC 253 - Adesanya vs Costa
UFC 253 - Adesanya