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MatchPint is the best place to find a pub or bar near you showing live Tennis on TV. Have a look at this page to discover what tennis matches and tournaments, are being shown in bars countrywide. If you’re after something specific like Novak Djokovic or Maria Sharapova, enter their name in the box to the left. Once you’ve found your match, tell us where you are and we’ll find somewhere local. There's also a list of what we think are the best tennis pubs.

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Drinking Pimms and watching any number of British tennis players stumble out of Wimbledon in the semi-finals is so much more enjoyable if you’re at a pub. With plenty of tennis pubs having outdoor screens nowadays, you can even get your tan on whilst you watch! Obviously there’s much more live tennis on TV than most of us see in a summer fortnight, but Wimbledon is an event that seems to bring the whole country together, and reminds us of just what makes the British so British – proud, but not too proud; excitable, but not too excitable; and talented, but never quite talented enough.

When the oldest, biggest, and most prestigious of all tennis tournaments does come around, find pubs showing Wimbledon here. Likewise, if you're hanging around in the capital check out our list of the best pubs in London.

For all the supporters of slightly more- or slightly less-talented tennis players, there’s more action you can catch in Tennis bars and pubs across the UK, the whole year round. If you want to gawp and gape at Nadal, Federer or Djokovic playing shots across the court as if the science of angles didn't exist, then we can point you in the direction of an establishment where you can watch the Australian Open, the French Open (sorry, Roland Garros) and the US Open at Flushing Meadows when the time comes.

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