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Need a bar showing Spain’s matches live on TV? Look no further, this page has all your answers. There’s no doubt about it, Spain are one of the greatest sides in European football which is why we figured it was so important we put together a page for all the pubs showing Spain’s Euro 2021 matches. La Roja’s matches, especially in the big tournaments, are always an extremely big deal for football fans of every nationality and there’s no question where the best place to watch the action is. There’s nothing worse than being cooped up on the sofa at home while there is history being made. With that in mind, finding pubs showing football has never been more important.

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Where were you on the 15th June 2018? Can’t remember? What if I told that that was the day when Spain and Portugal played out an epic 3-3 draw in Russia? You know, the time when Nacho scored that exquisite half volley before Ronaldo sealed his hat-trick with an emphatic free-kick just two minutes from time. That ring any bells? Of course you remember where you were now – such is the power of sport, my friend. Can you really afford to miss another epic like that? The answer is no. So quit fooling around and searching for pubs showing Euro 2021 now. 

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