Pubs showing Netherlands football on TV

Looking for a decent pub showing Netherland games at Euro 2021? We’ve got you covered with a list of UK and Ireland pubs showing the Oranje in action live on T.V this summer. Just pick a fixture and search by your location.

Ask any Dutchman what they are best known for in the world of football and they will likely pontificate on the intricacies of Johan Cruyff’s total football. And rightly so. Pioneered in the 1970s, Cruyff’s philosophy continues to influence tactics at the top of the game worldwide and is the stuff of a million debates over a beer. There’s only one place to indulge in this type of chit chat, and that is in the pub. If you’re looking to do that in the Dutch capital, you can find a handy list of the best sports bars in Amsterdam right here. 

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For such a small country in terms of geography, the Netherlands have produced some seriously good players down the years. From Gullit to Berkamp, van Basten and van Persie, watching the Netherlands play football is a feast for the senses. When they actually turn up that is. It’s no secret that the Oranje have failed to qualify for not one but the last two major tournaments. But this summer, they are back and there is only one place to get in on the action. The Dutch know how to party so finding great pubs showing football is of vital importance. Use the tool below or our handy pub finder app to help you with that task.

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