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Looking for pubs showing Finland play this summer? This page contains a list of every bar screening the Eagle-owls shake their tail feathers at Euro 2021. Simply select a fixture to pull up a list of pubs, then search by your location to see which bars are definitely showingTeemu Pukki and co-live on TV. Taking part in their very first major tournament, expect Finland games to be a big draw at pubs and bars this summer.

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Whether you’re a Finnish footballing fanatic or just someone keen to take in every minute of the Euros, you’ll find a great boozer showing each of their games here. We’re more than just a pub finder though and are dedicated to making sure sports fans find the very best pubs for their needs. By browsing each profile you can find out if a bar will be showing Finland on TV with the commentary on, how many screens they have, whether there’s a beer garden, if your dog’s welcome to join or even what the menu’s like. Interested in Scandinavian sport in general? Check out our list of UK bars showing ice hockey on TV.

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