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There is only one (sensible) way of finding pubs showing the England football matches on TV, this handy guide. Given the fact that the Three Lions world have not been this good for over half a century, it’s hardly a surprise that you’ve come here looking for sports bars from which to cheer on Southgate’s band of brothers. Who can blame you? After the euphoric highs that we all scaled in 2018, who isn't waiting with bated breath for the next instalment in the epic tale of this young squad? Our handy pub-finder shows you all the best spots to enjoy the action. If it's only the big games you care for, you can search specifically for pubs showing Euro 2020.

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Of course, we think we know our local pubs pretty well but sometimes they aren’t keen on showing the sport for whatever reason. We’ve all been there where we’ve rushed down to the pub and think we’ve made good time. That’s until we’re faced with the nightmare news that the pub in question actually has no intention of showing the all-important game. At this point, you will swiftly spin on your heels and walk straight back out where you came in before promptly opening the free MatchPint app and begin searching for alternatives nearby.

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