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Searching pubs showing Croatia at Euro 2021? Read on pal, this page contains a complete list of UK and Ireland pubs showing the chequered lads live on T.V. Simply select a fixture from the list below and search by location to see which boozers near you will have the game on. Footy is comfortably the most popular team sport in Croatia, hardly surprising given their frequently impressive showings at the major tournaments. None more so than in Russia 2018 when Croatia made it all the way to the final. Can they repeat the trick at Euro 2021. There’s only one place to find out, in one of our best football pubs .

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It's this impressive tendency to pull off unlikely results that make Croatia such a compelling proposition. If you’re looking for pubs showing football then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a bunch of options for where to catch the game. And yes, you can bank on seeing a fair few of those all too common-place chequered red and white shirts too. There really is nothing that can match the sheer unadulterated passion that goes hand in hand with a major football tournament. With Euro 2021 taking place all around the continent this time round, the party atmosphere will feel like a tidal wave of good vibes.

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