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So you’re looking for a list of pubs showing Belgium’s Euro 2021 matches? Read on to see a full list of UK and Ireland pubs showing every one of their games. Belgium are a side who consistently punch well above their weight in international football. Despite never having won a major tournament, they’ve produced some of the most talented players in the world. It’s for that reason (and nothing to do with the wide selection of delicious beers that often accompany their games) that makes watching these lot play on T.V in the pub such an attractive proposition, so start finding pubs showing football now.

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Les Diables Rouges have often been accused of blowing hot and cold. They’ve never bettered their Euro 1980 finish when they came runners up to first place Italy. They often fail to even qualify for major tournament finals but when they do they’ve been known to show some inspired form. That was certainly the case at the 2018 World Cup when they defeated the likes of almighty Brazil and England to finish in third. With a hugely talented crop of players, you'd probably expect that kind of success. But they have something else on their side too, legions of loyal supporters clad in red and black. These are the men and women who spur the players and staff onto victory. Without them, it would be like playing for nothing grander than a pub Sunday League side. If you enjoy watching epic spectacles in the company of fanatical football fans, it’s definitely worth checking out our list of the best sports bars in Brussels. ,

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