Sports Bars and Pubs showing Rugby

Watch live Rugby on TV with MatchPint. Here you’ll find a list of fixtures from both codes. Either have a browse, or enter a particular team in the box on the left to find out if any pubs and bars are showing your game. Once you’ve clicked on a fixture, you let us know your location and we’ll help you find rugby pubs close by. You can also check out our best rugby pubs in the UK. If you're in London, searching for a pub to catch the match on the big screen with a pint of beer in hand, check out our list of the best pubs in London or why not find places to watch the rugby world cup live?

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There are few things better than seeing 30 fully grown men going at it hammer and tong on a strip of neatly cut grass. Of course, it won’t be neatly cut by the end of the match when the beefy lads up front have rubbed each others noses in the mud and the nippy chaps in the backs have torn it up with side-steps, arching runs and fancy flourishes. What’s more, this great English game is no longer a regular fixture on your average telly at home. Live Rugby on TV has increasingly become the territory of those pay per view chaps at Sky Sports and BT, so for those who aren’t either fortunate enough to have such delights available at home, there’s no other option but to head down to the nearest rugby pubs or sports bars to catch the best of the leather egg-chasing action. And there’s plenty of it if you look in the right places. As far as Union is concerned, the atmosphere in any establishment is likely to be lively (to say the least) for any Six Nations game on the BBC. Then there’s also Heineken Cup games, which Stuart Barnes thinks beat the Super 15 hands down when it comes to intensity. Crucially in 2015 you'll want to be looking out for pubs showing RWC on TV as the race to lift the Webb Ellis cup returns to British shores again. If you live north of Birmingham, you’re naturally more likely to require the 13-man code so we’ll be doing our best to source pubs showing live Super League action as well as NRL and international games, so everyone's happy.