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Watch live Rugby on TV with MatchPint. Here you’ll find a list of fixtures from both codes. Either have a browse, or enter a particular team in the box on the left to find out if any pubs and bars are showing your game. Once you’ve clicked on a fixture, you let us know your location and we’ll help you find rugby pubs close by.

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What’s more, this great English game is no longer a regular fixture on your average telly at home. Live Rugby on TV has increasingly become the territory of those pay per view chaps at Sky Sports and BT, so for those who aren’t either fortunate enough to have such delights available at home or just fancy watching it in the pub, there’s no other option but to head down to the nearest rugby pubs or sports bars to catch the best of the leather egg-chasing action. If you live north of Birmingham, you’re naturally more likely to require the 13-man code so we’ll be doing our best to source pubs showing live Super League action as well as NRL and international games, so everyone's happy. 

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Super Rugby
Super Rugby
14:05 • Sat 21 Jul
Lions vs Argentine Jaguares
Lions Argentine Jaguares
Argentine Jaguares
Argentine Jaguares