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This page contains all you need to know about pubs showing live rugby on TV. Below, you’ll find a list of fixtures from both codes, League and Union. Either have a browse, or enter a particular team in the searchbox to quickly find pubs and bars showing your game. Once you’ve clicked on a fixture, you'll see a list of nearby pubs showing it. If you're in London, why not set the bar higher? To catch the game in a pub with a giant projector screen, check out our list of the best sports bars in London.

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Watching live rugby in the pub is a classic British past time and, as such, should be undertaken with due care and consideration. You can't waltz around aimlessly looking for signs that a venue is showing a game. It's vital to do the legwork beforehand in order to avoid mishaps. Here at MatchPint, we give you all the key titbits of information such as whether a bar has a projector screen and whether they will be playing the all-important commentary. It's genuinely life-changing information. Looking for some info on what live rugby on TV is coming up? Follow the link to see our guide of every televised game coming up, including what time it starts, which channel it's on and how you can find a pub to watch it in.

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