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Catch all the live Darts on TV at a sports pub or bar near you with MatchPint. Below are all the darts matches being screened in watering holes across the country in the next couple of weeks. Click on the box telling you how many bars are showing the game then enter your whereabouts on the next page to find one close by. We'll even try to let you know what they have in the way of entertainment; pool tables, darts boards, rodeo horses etc. If, however, you're in London looking out for a pub or sports bar, you may want to check out our top bars in London.

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Pubs and darts go together like..well, pubs and darts. Interestingly, darts is the second most watched sport in the UK; riveting eh? What's even more interesting is that this stat concerns live darts on TV only, and not the hundreds of thousands of punters up and down the country who watch each other fire arrows off the oche with a pint. Maybe it’s because that chap who’s now in charge of snooker as well (Barry Hearn) has spiced things up. Now, darts on Sky Sports looks like a documentary on Oktoberfest rather than a couple of guts firing darts off their chipolata-thick fingers in a competitive sporting environment.


In recent years, there’s been a divide in the Darts world with a huge distinction between the professional and the amateur game (thanks Barry…). The upshot is that all the really good players are now going pro which, although great news for pint-holding chuckers up and down the country, has made the Amateur coverage from the Lakeside in January a little dull! If it means that every man and boy propping up bars thoughout the UK has a more realistic chance of beating Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor, it's probably worth it though!


So use this site to join the thousands up and down the country that are flocking to darts pubs. Partly to enjoy the action on TV, and partly just to be able to play darts yourself. Watch the BDO and the Lakeside championships, then take it out on the Ochey!

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