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Find pubs and bars showing the great British sport of cycling live on TV with MatchPint's pub finder. The Tour de France is where our attention next turns and the list below shows you any of the fixtures you might be after in the next fortnight. Once you've clicked through to the fixture that you're looking for, you can check out the nearest pubs and bars to you that are showing it. If you're still stuck, why not check out our best pubs for cycling in London.

If you're just looking for a good sports bar, give our top bars in London page a viewing.

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Looking forward to a lazy summer afternoon at the pub, but don't want your ventures to seem to be solely money losing drinking endeavours? The Tour de France is the perfect 23 day excuse to spend your time down at the pub, and with Froome looking to take us to victory again, it should certainly provide some excitement. As it is not always the nature of the game to provide a non-stop jaw-dropping show of scintillating sporting madness; heading down to your local with a couple of mates and roughly keeping track of it is a great way to spend the afternoon. 

These pages are all updated regularly so you can be assured that you’ll be able to find somewhere showing cycling live on TV through MatchPint.

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