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Find pubs and bars showing live Cricket on TV with MatchPint's pub finder. Below, you can see whether there are any pubs and bars showing the games you’re after in the next fortnight, whether that's live IPL or the Ashes. In the search box above, enter a team name then, once you’ve clicked through, you can check the nearest pubs and bars to where you want to watch it. If you're still stuck, you can also look at which we think are the best cricket pubs in London. If you're in London and looking for a general pub or sports bar, check out our top bars in London.

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There was a time when the best way to enjoy live Cricket on TV was to turn on Channel 4, take a look at Mark Nicholas’ quiff and press mute. Why? Because then you could turn on the wireless, tune into to Radio 4 LW and listen to Aggers and co talking about pigeons and Mrs. Smith’s Victoria Sponge. At the same time, you could watch Mark Ramprakash fox-trotting up the wicket and Darren Gough and Andy Caddick spraying it about the place from the Pavilion end.  Nowadays though, Sky Sports is king when it comes to cricket live on TV. It’s Michael Holding at ‘Third Man’ rather than Simon Hughes in the analyst's van. So if you don’t have access to the undulating momentum shifts of Test Cricket on Sky, the best place to catch it is down at cricket pubs all over the country. That way, you can ask the kitchen to slap on a roast, grab a cappuccino in the morning and move on to a pint or two in the afternoon. In fact, even if you’ve got Sky at home, you might find you enjoy the gentle pace of the great English game down at your local where you can tell all the other punters about that century you scored for your school's under nine's side...  These pages are all updated regularly so you can be assured that you’ll be able to find somewhere showing cricket live on TV through MatchPint. If you’d like to see schedules for specific competitions you can look on other pages to find Test Matches, ODIs, IPL, domestic and international fixtures in the next two weeks. If you're a real willow and leather aficionado, you'll no doubt be interested in pubs showing The Ashes on TV or bars showing T20 World Cup.

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