Alongside famous Churches and Parks, Preston is home to a very ecclectic sports scene. It might get a bit confusing to know which pub is showing which game and to you may have found yourself waiting desperately to catch a glimpse of the footy during half-time of the rugby game. Well you no longer need to work around the pub's decisions, thanks to MatchPint. You make the decision yourself by looking at our list of sports bars in Preston. Simply enter your postcode in the search bar and click on any pub to find out their upcoming fixtures. That way, you not only have the certainty that your game is shown, but also if it's in 3D, HD and you get to proudly wash down your pint.

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Between their hockey, basketball, football and rugby teams Preston really is a pretty proeminent sport city. If you want to go watch the Grasshoppers , check out our pubs showing their games. As well as a pub finder, MatchPint tells you all the finer details of each pub so you can watch the game of your choice, exactly the way you want to. The Preston North End FC having achieved amazing results during over 100 seasons in the Football league, they were ranked as fourth most successful English football club of all time domestically.So you may just want to check them out as well, using the same simple process of our search bar. Enter a selected location or postcode, and find which pub near you is showing the game of your choice. If you're up for travelling a bit south, you can also trade the Whites for the Reds and check ourĀ sports pubs in Liverpool.


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