The Daily Telegraph (Top 25 Sports apps, in 500 must-have apps, 02.10.12)
"For those who enjoy watching sport at the nearest suitable pub!"
BBC (BBC Radio Nottingham, Richard Spurr. 28.09.12)
"The ideal drinking sports fan's app!"
GQ (Magazine, September 2012 issue)
"Finding a pub where you can watch the match is never as simple as it sounds. This app ensures you'll never miss kick-off again!"
The Evening Standard (28.05.12)
"Users don't turn up at a pub to watch Andy Murray at Wimbledon, when the pub is showing the Euros - an important feature as the BBC and Sky are showing big events simultaneously on different services."
T3 (Best of Apps 2012, April 2012)
"An excellent, well designed app that should be on the iPhones of every sports fan"
Simply Zesty (Feature, 21.03.12)
"There are many annoying problems we face in life that can be improved quickly and easily by just having the perfect app. MatchPint does that for sports fans"
SoccerLens (Featured Review, 21.03.12)
"ESPN and Sky are no longer the boss - you are. Pick the game, find a pub that is showing it and enjoy. Simple really. Thanks Matchpint, I'll get the next round"
The Cool Commentator (16.03.12)
"Awesome app that solves a common problem (...) Best of all, it's free. No brainer."
What's on iPhone (Featured Review, 16.03.12)
"The app is extremely intuitive and fast-working, and is very to-the-point about its function. You want to track down a match, you can do so within seconds."
Stuff (iPhone apps of the week- Number 1, 13.03.12)
"A simple app that has quite taken our fancy (...) Awesome"
App Chatter (12.03.12)
"Unlike other Pub Finders, if the app says that a pub is showing a particular game, it definitely will be"
Thrillist (08.02.12)
"They'll even tell you whether the spot's got a garden, a food menu, or 3D TV, and whether or not it's playing with sound, which, unfortunately for John Terry, exists!"
Timeout London (04.02.12)
"It solves a regular problem for thousands of people: finding somewhere nearby with decent pints on tap and the big game on TV. The site couldn't be easier to use (...) We'll raise a glass to that."
The Guardian (Apps Rush 13.01.12)
"a Godsend for sports fans in the UK "