Find the best sports bars and pubs in Oxford showing the games you want to see with MatchPint. On this page you'll find a list of pubs and sports cafes where you can enjoy live sport on TV in Oxford and the surrounding area with a pint of something good in hand. To see your very closest pubs simply enter your postcode or location into the search box to get results nearby. Alternatively scroll down the page and browse the individual pubs and click on their profile to see key details about the venue including their fixture schedule, opening times, menu, dinks offers, what channels they have and much more. Whether it's the mighty Oxford United, The Cheetah's Speedway team or even their burgeoning league outfit Oxford RLFC we'll find you a place showing it.

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Oxford, despite its lack of big name sporting sides, has a rich heritage in some of the more niche offerings. Through its university there are huge pockets of support for rugby, cricket and rowing in the beautiful city, whilst sports like Ice Hockey and Speedway are popular thanks to The Cheetahs and City Stars teams. But if you don't fancy going to the stadium to watch the likes of Oxford United duke it out in League Two, we're here to ensure you can find your nearest boozer and enjoy the game with a pint in hand. Fortunately, MatchPint, the UK's No.1 Sport Pub finder app, is here to solve all your problems in one swoop. Search for pubs showing the game you're after and we'll highlight the best sports bars nearby. Once you've located some decent sports bars you can view their profile to check out their precise schedules, whether they show in 3D or HD, how many screens they have and even whether your dog is welcome. Our pubs are rated by our users so you can even see what trusty old Joe Public thinks of them. Enjoy watching sport in the very best pubs Oxford has to offer!


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