Sports Bars and Pubs in Oldham

Need to find out which pubs in Oldham show sport on TV? Look not further! This page contains a list of all the great sports bars in North East Manchester. You can browse each bar individually to find out all the key information you need or can sort by location by entering a postcode or searching an address. Just click on a profile to see their fixtures schedule for the coming week, details of how many screens they have, whether they show games with the sound on and much more. We're your one-stop shop for all things sports and pubs in Oldham. Looking for a more comprehensive list of all the bars in the region? Our list of all sports pubs in Manchester might just be useful.

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Ever found yourself strolling around Oldham's fine, terraced streets tearing your hair out over where to catch the Latics play on TV? It's a problem that can befall the best of us. Thankfully, here at MatchPint, we've taken steps to eradicate this issue. Here you'll find all the bars and pubs in the Oldham area that show sport on TV. As the birthplace of such 90's icons as David Platt and Michael Atherton, the east Manchester town has a proud sporting history. One time Premier League outfit Oldham Athletic are probably the town's most famous outfit, whilst the Roughyeds Rugby League club enjoyed great national success in the early part of their 140-odd year history. Whatever sport you're trying to watch on the box, you can be sure to find an Oldham pub showing it on this page. Each bar listed has its fixture schedule listed in full on its profile along with much more information, all of which will help you make the right choice regarding which belting sports bar you head to for a pint and some cracking action on the big screen. Want to know what are the very best sports bars in Manchester? Follow the link and check out our handpicked list of the finest sports boozers in town.


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