Pubs and Sports Bars in Newcastle

What’s that - you’re in Newcastle and you want to watch some sport whilst sipping on a couple of Pints? Scroll down this page to view sports pubs in Newcastle which can help you out. Enter the postcode in the box above and we’ll tell you which are nearest. You can also check out which other pubs in Newcastle and across the UK are best for sports by using our pub finder.

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It might be cold up in Geordie-Land but sport’s always a good replacement for a wood-burning fire. Toon Army men and women know all about the footie up there, and they’re bound to let you know about it. Always a cracking atmosphere in the area so use MatchPint as a pub finder to get inside all the great Newcastle pubs for some vastly improving Premier League football from the men in Black and White. Let's not forget about the other team who play in red and white...   Of course, there’s also the sporting footnote of the Newcastle Falcons rugger side to mention here. Always languishing at the foot of the Aviva Premiership, it seemed as if they would never go down, but sadly this year they didn't manage to perform their Houdini-esque routine and avoid the drop.  Never mind, because the good old sports pubs of Newcastle mean that you can muck in with your mates whilst following your team's fortunes.   With MatchPint, you can find the perfect bar in Newcastle. Click on a pub’s profile to see if it has 3D screens, HD TV’s and how many of them. You can also gander through the descriptions, look at photos and check out the opening hours before you make your decision. Finally, if you like the look of one, check their upcoming games to see if they’re showing the one you want. If not, you’ve always got their phone number now so ring them up and we’re sure they’ll stick it on for you. It the ultimate pub finder for sports fans in Newcastle!


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