With 'We shall be' for a town motto, Middlesbrough has shown its ambition for almost two decades. Mainly known for its football team and races, the town is full of sports pubs for you to watch the game, and MatchPint tells you all about them. It's as simple as it gets, you enter your postcode or if you feel adventurous a location of your choice and we tell you all the pubs showing football, rugby, any fixture that is on the pubs' TV is on this page.  So be as ascertive as the motto and make sure that you find out everything about the sports pubs in Middlesbrough thanks to us. Don't be that guy that stops everyone in the street to ask where they are showing the game, be the guy that tells him!

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First, let's take a moment to thank Middlesbrough for bringing the legend that is Chris Kamara into our lives. We've all learnt a lot from him, especially through its great commentating and attention skills. Such qualities are inspiring to go down to the pub and watch the game, it should almost convince you to move out there to see what incredible town created our dear Chris.  On a more practical note, make us happy and don't miss a moment of a game thanks to MatchPint. Support Middlesbrough FC , aka Boro in its exciting rivalries with Sunderland or Newcastle Utd namely. Come down to one of the sports bar we listed for you and watch the football or follow the races in 3D, or an HD screen, the choice of pub is yours. And if you feel like Middlesbrough isn't really doing it for you, try their rivals and visit our large selection of sports bars in Newcastle.


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