Find sports bars in London where you can watch the matches you don’t want to miss. Scroll down this page to view sports pubs in London that show live sport on TV. You can click on an individual profile to see information about the pub in question: how many screens it has, whether it has HD or 3D and what its opening times and capacities are. If you’re stuck, take a look at what we think are the best sports pubs in London.

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MatchPint is the best pub finder for sports fans in London. In the capital, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to watering holes; there are well over 5000 of them, and that’s not including all the cafes, restaurants and shady underground passages which happen to be showing sport once in a while. At MatchPint, we want to help you find out which of these bars and sports pubs in London are the best suited to your sports-viewing needs.   With the city being so vast, it’s often difficult to get the right information on which sports pubs and sports bars in London are closest to you at any one time. To help you out, enter your postcode in the search box above, and we’ll rearrange the results in order of proximity to that location. Equally, if you’re in a particular area such as Notting Hill, Stratford, Islington or Clapham, start typing those old search terms in so that you can use MatchPint as a Pub Finder by area.   So saddle up, have a browse through all the pubs and bars and then have a look at their upcoming games to find out where you’ll be watching your next game. If you can’t find the game you’re after in a certain pub, go to the homepage and search for the match you want to watch. Then we can tell you the nearest place in London showing the game-simples. 


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