Sports Pubs and Bars in London Bridge showing sports live

Looking for a pub in London Bridge to watch live sport on TV? You’ll find what you want right here! Below is a fantastic list of London Bridge pubs, which cater to all your sporting needs. Browse through individual profiles to see specific bar information, such as the pub's capacity, how many screens they have, and even whether sport is shown in HD or 3D! Also, check out various other London sports bars showing live sports on TV.

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London Bridge

Thank goodness for this, I hear you say - a pub finder for London Bridge! That is exactly what it is. Match Pint has created a specific page, especially for you lot looking for a place to watch live sport on TV in a London Bridge Pub. Whether you fancy catching the late train home in favour of a Champions League night, or you’re simply bumbling around the Southwark area, craving live sport and a pint inches from the Thames, this is the page for you. You may think that this page is already genius enough, but you’re mistaken - it gets better. Not only are these a list of sports pubs in London Bridge, but by browsing the individual profiles, you can find out exactly which drinking establishment suits your sport-watching personality. These regularly updated London Bridge sports pubs provide copious amounts of info (as well as copious amounts a drink...) such as its capacity, how many screens they have or whether they show sport in HD or 3D! Even better, find out whether they have a garden, and if they serve food during the game, so that you can indulge yourself in a half-time burger. Everything you need to know, is right here. So scroll through this fantastic list of sports pubs in London Bridge, so that you know where to enjoy sport and a drink, under the same roof!


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