Looking for a top pub near Liverpool Street Station that is more than likely to be showing some sweet sport? You’ve come to the right place! Below is a list of all the great pubs showing live sport near Liverpool Street Station in the City of London. You can click through and look at any pub’s profile to find out all sorts of info on it; how many screens they have, what their menu is like and even if your dog is welcome in. Alternatively you can whip a postcode into the search box to see which Liverpool Street sports bar is closest. There's now't sweeter than escaping your glass City hellhole having smashed through a few spread sheets and crunched the crap out of some serious numbers before grabbing a delish pint with the game before home time.

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Liverpool Street

We get it, you work in the City, you just had a glorious day of milling around in a suit, pretending to send important emails to people. However, right now it’s getting seriously close to kick off and you’ve not got time to get home before the game starts. Finding a sports pub near Liverpool Street Station becomes and pressing priority.   First things first you need to get your grubby mitts on our FREE Pub Finder App (hold your horses if you’re on Android, he’ll be here soon…). That way you’ll be able to find a pub showing you the game near to you, on the go, wherever the hell you are in the UK.   Failing that you can use this extremely handy list to find pubs near Liverpool Street Station that will be showing the game. Every pub in this list is well within walking distance of the station so there’s little excuse to ever miss the start of the game. Click on a pub to see all about it – how many screens they have, whether they will be showing the game with commentary on or off as well as what other MatchPint users think of it and much more.


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