Sports Bars and Pubs in Leicester

There he was a just a walking down the street saying "where are all the Leicester sports bars and pubs"? While we get on with recording our version of that classic Manfred Mann track "Do Wah Diddy Diddy", you can get on with finding your nearest pub or bar in Leicester showing live sport on TV. Whether you're after a packed out sports bar like Walkabout or a quiet country-feeling pub like the Bell Fountain, we'll do our best to find the perfect venue for you. In fact, better than that, we'll find the perfect venue and then tell you which matches they're gonna be showing when you visit! That way, you won't find yourself looking to watch a great football team only to find that Leicester are playing instead... Joking.

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What can you say that hasn't already been said about Leicester? Well, probably everything. It's built on Roman pavements, Cardinal Wolsey was arrested there, and there are more sports bars and pubs knocking around the place than Walker's crisp adverts made starring Gary Lineker... Once again the city's premier football club are "premier" material, and even if they go straight back down there's more than enough great sport to get behind from rugby powerhouses Leicester Tigers to the Cricket cunning of the Leicestershire Foxes... With a wide range of sport on offer, you don't want to find yourself up the proverbial s*** creek without a paddle and walk into a pub wanting to watch the cricket and find that the football's on instead. That's where MatchPint comes in... We'll tell you which are the best sports bars in Leicester, which are the nearest pubs, and what matches they're gonna be showing. We'll help you find a pub with the right number of screens, the right number of seats and the right number of gardens to fit you all in. So take you're time, as they say at the Grolsch offices, and find the best pub in Leicester for you. Then, pop onto the app store and download our free app to guide you there and help you next time round!


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