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DING DING DING! WE HAVE A WINNER. What’s your prize? That’s right, a list of the best sports bars in Kings Lynn. It’s easy and simple, look at the list, choose the pub you think looks the best, make sure it’s advertising the game you want to watch, put your shoes on, open your door, and walk down the road. We’ll also tell you all the tiny details to make sure your visit is, quite literally, the greatest thing ever. I’ve heard people eat at pubs? Well, if you’re one of those ones we’ll let you know if they have food. We’ll also tell you if you’re one of those internet users if they have WiFi or not. Kings Lynn isn’t up everyone’s street though, so check out the best bars in Peterborough.

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Kings Lynn

If you’re looking for culture to go with your sports, Christ, you couldn’t have come to a better place. We’ve got a newspaper, we’ve got festivals, we’ve got museums. Do that in the day, dabble with sport in the evening. The historic Pelicans for hockey play here, dating back to 1920. A bit more recent, would be the number of international rugby players, including George North and Ali Price. They would like you to support them in one of the bars showing sports in Kings Lynn.


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Gatehouse (Kings Lynn)

Gatehouse (Kings Lynn)

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