Sports bars and pubs in Kings Heath showing sports live


Kings Heath. No, not King Heath, Kings Heath. I get that you just watched A Knights Tale last night (who didn’t?) but Heath Ledger is never the king in that movie, just a really good jouster. I’ve digressed though, I’m here to tell you about the best sports bar in Kings Heath. There are several. When I say several, I mean a damn lot. Find a pub you like the look off and search for the game you want to watch, then click on that pub and we can tell you little tidbits of information that you would want to know about that pub – TV size, number of screens, food, WiFi, so on so forth. None of these pubs rock your boat? That’s OK, check out the best bars in Birmingham.

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Kings Heath

20 rings of power were made - 7 to the Dwarves, 9 to Men, 3 to elves, and 1 to rule them all. Ever wonder where the 1 ring to rule them actually ended up? Don’t believe the hogwash that those movies tell you, it ended up here in Kings Heath. Legend has it J.R.R. Tolkien hid the ring in one of the many pubs this place has to offer. If you want to find that ring, it’s useful to have a list of all bars showing sports in Kings Heath (let’s face it, all the best pubs have sport so it’s obviously in one of these).


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Billesley (Kings Heath)

Billesley (Kings Heath)