Can’t find anywhere to watch live sport in Islington and Angel? You can now! Thanks to Match Pint, you now have a page fully dedicated to sports pubs in Islington, bursting with pub profiles for you to choose from. Each profile provides specific bar information, such as its capacity, how many screens they have, and even whether sport is shown in HD or 3D! Everything you need to know about Islington sports bars, is right here. “And it’s live!”  If you're a football fanatic, check our compilation of pubs showing football.

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Thanks to Match Pint's pub finder service, you’re never going to be short of sports pubs in Islington and Angel! A stone’s throw away from the Emirates, Islington is very much a Gooner-packed area of London; however, if you can’t stand paying money to go and watch the Arsenal flutter between Barca-esque brilliance and a dismal pub team, why not browse through this brilliant selection of Islington sports bars to find out where else you can watch the game.   If, however, you have no interest in Arsenal, or even football for that matter, this brilliant list of pubs and bars can help you to find any neutral supporting, all sport showing pub. Have a look through the pub profiles, which give you all their crucial info for match day: does it have 3D, how many screens do they have, how have other punters rated it, and most importantly, what games they are showing.   Brilliant, I hear you say - and it sure is. We, Match Pint, will tell you exactly which sports events are on the box, whether on sky or terrestrial. So that’s that - this list of pubs and bars has solved your Islington sport watching worries. Forever. 


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