You know where you are, you're in Halifax. You know what you want, you want a pub showing sport so you can watch some live sport and drink a pint in Halifax. Good pub, preferably, and a good pint, and a World Class game of whatever you're into. You're in the right place, just enter your location in the box below, and we'll show you a selection of pubs showing sport in Halifax. No wasted journeys, no having to ask at the bar, just as simple as that. 

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The town's name was recorded in about 1091 as Halyfax, from the Old English halh-gefeaxe, meaning "area of coarse grass in the nook of land" But since then a lot has happened. Too much, really, to go into detail of the past 1,000 years of Halifax history, but rest assured a lot has happened and there is a lot more to come from this well-loved town. The bank/building society really let the town down with those awful adverts, but it has picked itself up admirably from the shame. They're a hardy bunch, these Yorkshiremen.  


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