Pubs Showing Sport in Ellesmere Port

So you’re looking for somewhere to watch the game in Ellesmere Port, are you? You’ve come to the right place Geoff. Or Gina. Scroll down to review a selection of sports pubs in Ellesmere Port. If you’re looking for a particular match, either click on one of the pubs to see what they’re showing, or visit the homepage to select a match and then choose a location. Alternatively, download our free app to find a great venue and also get amazing offers and competitions when you’re there.

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Ellesmere Port

Not famed for any sports teams in particular, Ellesmere Port has, however, some fine sporting pedigree it its ranks. Chief most is surely Joe Mercer who managed Man City to their first Division 1 title in 1968 (going on to win a FA Cup the following year and the League Cup plus European Cup Winners’ Cup double the following year). The town has also born the man perhaps most famous for having an egg thrown at him – John Prescott. It’s a small town located in Cheshire at the base of the Wirral and retained some large industries well into the 2000s, including oil, chemical factories, and motors. If you’re heading in to the big musical lights of Liverpool across the water, you might want to check out our page to help you find a great pub for the game you want to watch.


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