You're in Dudley.  You're a sports fan. You want to watch some live sport. You need a pub, don't you?  Don't even worry about how to find one, you're already 90% there.  Check out the list of sports bars in Dudley below including some from the surrounding area.  This is not just a page for those seeking out bars showing football, this site shows it all.  Any sport on TV in the area will be listed here! Just click on a pub, check their schedule and see what great sport is showing in the near future.

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The best thing about Dudley is probably Sam Allardyce, or the album cover for Led Zeppellin IV. The worst thing, without any shadow of a doubt, is Lenny Henry. Don't you hate those smug adverts he does for Premier Inn, where he acts like he needs a really good night's sleep after a hard day's work. What's the matter Henry? Working too much? Flat out isn't it mate, waiting by the phone 364 days a year before doing your annual 3 hours of Red Nose Day. You must be cream crackered son. The only comic relief that guy provides is when you switch the telly off. Or turn over to some sweet sweet live sport in the pub. 


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