Alright, so you're East of Huddersfield, you're South of Leeds, you know where you are, you're in Dewsbury. You're in Dewsbury, looking for a pint, and a pub to watch live sport. That is the situation and location that you are in. And lucky for you MatchPint exists for people in your exact situation. We'll help you find a pub showing live sport in Dewsbury or the surrounding area. Just enter your location in the box below.

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Dewsbury (West Yorkshire)

Dewsbury, the largest town in the Heavy Woolen District. Notable celebrities, who's from Dewsbury? Who's NOT from Dewsbury would be a shorter list. Betty Boothroyd, everyone basically. The show Educating Yorkshire is set in Dewsbury, remember when Musharaf got over his stammer in front of the class - yeesh man, that should come with some kind of warning. Dewsbury, home of the greatest teacher-pupil collaborations on TV. Also home to some great pubs showing great sportspeople playing great sports. Get stuck in. 


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