Croydon in the south of London is the home of many fine transport links, dubstep and one of the finest British sit-coms ever made. And plenty of damn fine places to watch sport in pubs. Find sports bars and pubs in Croydon with the help of MatchPint. See below for a list of top boozers showing sport around the town. Enter your postcode to see the nearest pubs to you or select a bar to see individual profiles. There you'll find out everything you need to from how many screens they have, whether they show BT Sport, what food is on offer and whether they have any MatchPint specific deals on at all.

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If sport's your thing, Croyden is admittedly a smidge thin on the ground for top quality live experiences, save for the mighty Eagles up the road at Selhurst Park. As a result punters are often forced into pubs to get their fix of top-notch rugby, cricket, tennis and motor sports. Not to worry though as the town is serviced by a multitude of fine pubs and bars showing every possible sporting event you could hope for.   On this page you can peruse, at your leisure, all Croydon's bars and pubs showing sport and make sure that you pick one that's just right for you. MatchPint, the UK's No.1 pub finder, is here to make your match day as easy as possible. View the pubs to the left, pick one that you like the look of and you'll be able to see a wealth of information on what the pub offers, including - whether they have HD/3D, how many screens they have, whether they will have commentary on, what the food is like and even whether you're encouraged to bring your dog along. Importantly, you can also see what other MatchPint users think of the pub and read reviews based on their experience.


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