Sports Pubs and Bars in Covent Garden showing sports live

Use this page to find your nearest sports pubs in Covent Garden, showing live sport on TV. Have a browse through the list of pubs below, or type in a postcode above to find out which is nearest to you. Once you’ve found a pub, simply click on its profile to discover a wide range of information: how many screens it has, whether it shows the match in HD or 3D, its opening hours, and whether or not it serves food. You can also view photos, read descriptions, and even see how it is rated among other Match Pint users, and see whether it is the place for you. If it is becoming difficult for you to decide which pub or bar to pitch in for a match, have a look at our best sports bars as we've selected some of the very best for you to enjoy.

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Covent Garden

You may well think that Covent Garden is simply the home of Theatre and Opera, and that, with copious numbers of tourist-filled boutiques and markets, there's nowhere to enjoy Super Sundays. Fortunately, that's just not the case. Covent Garden might dominate the Arts world, however, it also serves up a delicious selection of pubs and bars, where you can enjoy your favourite sports live on TV.   The beauty of Covent Garden lies in its nationally diverse selection of pubs and bars. Whether its spending a sunny afternoon in an Aussie rugby bar, enjoying a game of Canadian Ice Hockey, or spending a wet Wednesday evening in a Champions League hideaway, Covent Garden sports bars are rich in variety.     With Match Pint, you now have the UK's favourtie pub finder helping you source the sports bars in Covent Garden that suit your needs. Simply click on a pub’s profile to see if it has 3D screens, HD TV’s and how many of them. Even better, find out if they have a gorgeous garden, whether top notch grub is served, and with the help of Match Pint users, see how this pub has been rated to find out whether it's the perfect watering hole to watch your team in action. Covent Garden’s sports bars will no doubt have something to suit your fancy.


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