MatchPint in Italy

A familiar Italian phrase ‘La Dolce Vita’ translates to ‘the sweet life’. Italy is a home to great wine, pizza and pasta and that’s another reason why millions of us Brits flock to its picturesque Tuscany fields and dreamy beaches each year. But you know what’s missing from all of that? Beer, pubs and friends.

Now about 70,000 Brits expats live in Italy. It’s easy to become captivated by Italy and its generous climate, sparkling coastlines, rich culture and towns which look like they’ve just stepped out of the Renaissance. Not to mention its varied, but consistently tasty cuisine and friendly population. One thing we share in common with our Italian cousins is our passion, more specifically our passion for sport. Serie A is considered to be in the top 4 leagues in Europe, boasting teams like Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, Roma and Lazio to name a few. So, we reckon their pubs will be up to scratch and we are here to help you get to a pub, with a cold pint in hand, as you cheer on your team. Just have a scroll down the page see which city you are nearest to, click on that page to find out more about the city or, better yet, type your post code in the search box above and we will locate your nearest pub.