Sports Pubs and Bars in Camden showing sports live

In amongst the vintage record stores and edgy coffee shops, you can find a great range of sports bars and pubs in Camden. If Amy was still with us, she'd be championing the list we've put together. What would impress old Winehouse even more though is finding out which matches are going to be shown in which pubs, preventing her and anyone else from walking into a Sky Sports pub only to find that the football is on instead of that vital rugby match you wanted to watch. That's where MatchPint is here to help! We'll help you find, not only the nearest sports pub in Camden to your location, but we'll tell you what to expect in terms of facilities, atmosphere and the TV schedule. Scroll down the page and click on a pub you like the look of to find out more!

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Everyone's experienced this right? Walking down the street look for pubs in Camden - or anywhere else for that matter - desperate to catch the big sports match only to find that either the game isn't on because the pub doesn't have the right channel, or because their showing something else. Well... MatchPint is here to slve those problems! Use this page to find great sports bars in Camden like Belushis on Camden High Road, or charming pubs such as the Oxford Arms or the Camden Head. If you want this humdinger of a service, you can download the FREE app - complete with all the same info as our website but with maps, directions and great offers in pubs too! Alternatively, if you're after a pub other than in Camden, why not mosey on over to our top sports bars in London, or use our live sport on TV listing page to select a game and then see which pubs are showing it. We're here to ensure that you - you legend of a sports fan - never miss a moment!


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