Here's a list of sports pubs in Bromley, venues you can watch any sport showing live on TV, from cricket to rugby, and football to cycling. There are some great pubs to choose from. If you'd like to know more about the venues listed below just click on each profile. Once in the profile, you'll see what matches each pub is showing, which teams are particularly popular, what facilities are on offer, whether the pub serves food and what other fans think of the place. You can also view photos which should help you choose the best venue for you. If you have a particular pub in mind already, pop the name into the search bar and see what you find.

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Bromley is now considered by many to be a suburb of London but once upon a time it was its own Kentish town and a trip to the capital would have been a rare occurrence. Bromley has maintained a fairly standalone character though, with a high street, a big parish church and - of course - plenty of great pubs, many of the showing live sport on TV. There are great transport connections into London by train, with buses serving local connections and trams to Croydon available from nearby Beckenham.  Amateur sport is popular in the area, with rugby being a major focus. If you can't find what you're looking for in Bromley, you could check out pubs showing sport in Beckenham, or head into town on the train and find pubs and bars showing sport in London Bridge.


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