MatchPint for Brands

What do we do?

We use technology to help pubs and brands create unforgettable moments for sports fans.

We work across any televised sport – and with a range of pub partners – to deliver:

Who do we do it for?

Why do we do it?

In short, because MatchPint is built upon 3 simple beliefs:

Sport is the ultimate for of theatre – Shakespeare himself couldn't have conjured up Zidane nutting Materazzi into next week if he'd tried.

The drama is amplified when viewed socially – Nothing causes complete strangers to spontaneously hug tubby, balding men quite like a 93rd minute winner.

Pubs are the cornerstone of British life – Watching the Champions League final at a local swimming pool? Not on.

How do we do it?

We utilise a range of mechanics depending on the campaign objective. They include:


Drive Rate of Sale for 2015 Rugby World Cup.


Deliver incremental rate of sale during Rugby World Cup by driving footfall and "owning rugby in pubs".


"Buy a Guinness and your mate gets one free" -2 for 1 offer in 1,250 pubs across managed, leased, tenanted, and free trade.


32,000 redemptions delivering c.300,000 incremental pints in hand. 44% non-Guinness drinkers said they stayed on Guinness after their redemption.


Deliver Business Support and Drive Rate of Sale during EURO 2016.


Use marketing support, point of sale, and mobile promotions to help Carlsberg Free Trade pubs nail Euro 2016.


200 Carlsberg Free Trade pubs offered trial of MatchPint including running a Carlsberg 2 for 1 reward on match days.


7,500 redemptions across 250 pubs. 60% pubs converted to paying customers. Carlsberg sales uplift in MatchPint pubs 49% vs 7% in other sports sites.


Drive Loyalty during Premier League Football.


Use targeted communication and a mobile reward to drive loyalty to Stonegate pubs during Premier League games.


Ran a digital loyalty card in 285 Stonegate sites in which customers could claim 1 free pint of Carling every fourth match day they went to the pub. Communicated via the app and targeted digital comms.


2,367 unique customers visiting Stonegate pubs an average of 6.1 times during the Premier League season.


New Product Launch


Leverage our relationships with pubs to gain distribution for Propercorn's new product launch of Crunch Corn.


Identified 70 leased, tenanted, and free trade pubs to stock Crunch Corn and run a free pint and a snack promotion through January.


377 unique redemptions of reward by consumers. 15% sites requested to stock Crunch Corn permanently following promotion.


Fan and Pub Engagement


Increase both supply and demand of NFL in pubs.


Use data to educate pubs on why they should show NFL, excite fans with point of sale and digital content, engage fans with competition entry to watch the NFL Draft in Chicago.


154% increase in pubs showing NFL, 117% increase in fans looking for NFL events in pubs.