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Looking for sports pubs in Bradford to watch the game in? You're in luck lad, this is the page that lists all our pubs showing sports in the city, perfect for anyone wanting to catch the Bantams or the Bulls on TV. Have a little browse to find out more about each venue, their TV equipment, and a reliable answer as to whether or not they are showing the game. We know there's nothing worse than rocking up to the pub to find out that another game is showing or that pet hate, the game's on but with no commentary! All of these gripes can be avoided with MatchPint as we serve you all the vital info. Enter your postcode if you want to search pubs in a more specific area and find the perfect pub near you. It's all part of what makes us the UK's No.1 sports pub finder.

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Formerly known as wool city, being in dear old Yorkshire Bradford can get pretty cold and wet meaning wandering around town to find a pub to watch the game is the last thing you'll want to be doing on a winter's day. Fortunately MatchPint is here to save you the stress of missing half the game by telling you exactly where to find the big game being shown in a nearby pub. No more disappointing trips only to find the game you want is not being shown. Whether it is rugby, football, cricket, or even Formula 1 is your sport of choice, this is where you find out all the upcoming televised fixtures on TV. Watching sport at the pub with a cold one in hand is one of life's great treats and we're here to make sure whenever you're in Bradford you can find a boozer that's just right for you. Perhaps if you're staying locally or Bradford is your home town, a little guide to the many sports bars in Leeds might be useful.


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Sunbridge Sports Bar

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Swing Gate

Swing Gate

The Park Hotel

The Park Hotel

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Hare & Hounds

Hare & Hounds



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