BY Sam Walker

28 Jun

4 Alternative Joys Of Wimbledon

Let’s face it. There’s a Premier League sized hole in your life right now. We feel your pain, we really do. But fear not brothers and sisters, Wimbledon is here. Need reminding exactly why you should be bedding down in a beer garden at every opportunity over the next fortnight or so?

1) Mansour Bahrami Putting On A Show

Who, you ask? A 61-year-old doubles veteran might not scream blockbuster action, but he’s considered to be one of the most naturally talented players to ever shake a racquet.

He looks a bit like the Iron Shiek and his matches are up there with Youtube FAIL compilations and any film featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme in the unadulterated entertainment stakes. Cop an eyeful of this wonderful nonsense.

2) Petulance Rearing Its Ugly Head

As inevitable as a downpour when Murray is dominating, Wimbledon wouldn't be Wimbledon without a decent helping of players doing their utmost to shame their parents in front of a worldwide audience with a paddy straight out the toddler's playbook?

Right now, Nick Kyrios is the undisputed master. The young Aussie has immense talent and a penchant for smashing his racket in into right angles at the first sign of any perceived injustice. Stop pretending you don't absolutely love it.

3) Puerile Noises

With pro tennis getting louder and louder, one way to deal with it is to childishly imagine that the players are just simply REALLY enjoying their sport.

Of course, it’s not always the players contributing to the cacophony...

4) Ball Boy/Girl Catches

Watch a young pup plucking the ball out the air after a duff shot and naturally you celebrate like England have just won the World Cup. There’s something magical about a one-handed catch and the little legend trying their hardest not to smile at the accomplishment.

For the colder of heart out there, the odd groin shot will ALWAYS raise a smile.

For that brief window every year it seems like the summer will last forever. Every beer garden is packed to the rafters, every outdoor screen is swamped with people drinking lashing of Pimms and everyone comes together to get behind Britain’s favourite tennis player… Rodger Federer.

Sam Walker

Looking for a pub showing Wimbledon? Follow the link, select your day and search by location to see nearby boozers screening live tennis this summer.