As a major seaside town, Blackpool is one of Britain's top touristic destinations. With such affluence and traffic, how could we possibly leave all those travellers in need without our guidance? So we have decided to offer a helping hand by giving you a list of sports pubs in Blackpool. Whatever game you want to watch, MatchPint tells you which pub around you is showing it. All you have to do is enter your postcode and browse through our list of selected pubs showing football, rugby and many more. You can also find out all the details about each venue by simply clicking on them. Check if the venue is showing the game in 3D, HD, allows you have a bite, or even bring your dog. The pub is your oyster really.

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Now that you've covered the Blackpool tower, Zoo, Winter Garden and beaches, pay a little visit to the pub to watch a bit of sports. Between the Panthers, Fylde and Stanley RLFC the rugby is pretty enjoyable to watch.  They may not have reached the same level as the Blackpool football team but that is also why we are here: to point to you the pubs showing the less popular games that you might struggle to find in your area. Once you've searched and found your perfect pub thanks to our detailed list of criteria and fixtures for all of them, indulge yourself to a good pint by one of the seaside pubs. MatchPint obviously also tells you where to watch the bigger games, and welcomes you to support the impressive performance of the Seasiders. And if you feel like a little less salty water and a little inland fun, come and check out and sports bars in Preston.


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