Find Best Sports Bars and Pubs in Birmingham with MatchPint

Find sports pubs and bars in Birmingham showing the games you want to watch with MatchPint. Here you’ll find a list of pubs, bars and even sports cafes where you can enjoy all the top action in glorious comfort with a glass of your favourite tipple. Simply enter your postcode in the box above to get results nearby or browse down the page to look at individual bar and pub profiles. Once you’re in their profile, you can find out everything you need to know about them from how many HD TV's they have and whether they show BT Sports to what food they will be serving up.

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Well you’re never going to be short of someone to support if you’re in and around Birmingham, with three hometown bangers, West Bromich Albion, Aston Villa and, of course, Birmingham City. But if you don’t want to see any of them slug it out live in the stadium, or if there’s another team which consistently tickles your fancy, then you want to find sports cafes, pubs and bars showing sport – right? Luckily, you’re in the right place, as on this page you can have a look through a whole load of boozers which pride themselves on offering you and I – the good honest sports fans of the world – a top-notch sporting experience.


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