Best Bars & Pubs Showing Live Sports on TV in Swansea

Swansea, a breeding ground for many a world class rugby player and home of the Premier League’s premier tiki taka merchants, has serious sporting pedigree. Considering the widespread love of competitive action in the town and surrounding area, it’s no surprise to find some cracking pubs to watch the action in. Check this page to find the best sports pubs in Swansea. Simply click each one to see more about what makes them so good. Alternatively, why not check our full list of pubs in the Swansea area. Click on the venues below to find out more about what makes them such a great place to watch sport or maybe check out some of the great pubs in nearby Cardiff?

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While in Swansea, home to many great sportsmen and overall South Wales impressive sports culture, you may as well go down to the pub and support your team at the pub. Enjoy the game in the best possible way thanks to MatchPint, the N°1 pub finder in the UK. Put your postcode or location in the search bar and discover all the sports and pubs around you showing the game. So whether you're after the big football games or less popular fixtures, we'll tell you where you can watch it. And in our great kindness we've even created a list of what we think are the best sports pubs and bars in Swansea. Enjoy the game in a lovely beer garden, in a foody pub, maybe even both! Simply click on each of our selected pubs and check out why we think they're so great to watch the game.