Best Sunderland Sports Pubs and Bars

Sunderland A.F.C are the only professional sporting team in Sunderland, and much like the industries around the city, have a long and turbulent history. Joining the football league in 1890, the club has won six First Division titles as well as two FA Cups. Admittedly the last time a trophy made its way back to the North East club was 1973, and recent times have been a little tougher for the club. Below is a list of the best sports pubs in Sunderland that we personally recommend to you. If you're a die-hard Mackem or just visiting the area our extensive list of pubs in Sunderland with more options can be found here.

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Notable things to come out of Sunderland include Japanese cars, the only English European Golden Shoe Award and shed loads of glass. The extensive history of heavy industry that Sunderland once used to be home to is still visibly evident today from all the pubs dotted around the place. If there's one thing that shipbuilders and coal miners both love after a long shift, it's a nice, cold pint and we at MatchPint completely agree. Luckily for you, locating pubs is what we do best. All you have to do is type your location into our pub finder on the app or website and select from the subsequent list of pubs depending on your personal preferences. We've got tonnes of info on the pubs nearest to you such as whether it has HD tellies, a delightful beer garden or even if it will be showing this year’s Super Bowl. If you're a bit further afield from Sunderland, it might be worth searching for pubs in Newcastle.