Best Sports Bars and Pubs In Stoke

What has Stoke ever offered the world of sport you might ask? Only two of England's greatest ever athletes, that's what. Yes, Stoke has fathered both Sir Stan Matthews and Phil 'The Power' Taylor, leviathans in their fields. The key sporting draws in the town are the mighty Stoke City as well as Port Vale down in League One, whilst Speedway remains popular. Also, as a city, responsible for Garth Crooks. Like any self respecting city however, Stoke loves its pubs & there are plenty of great bars in which to watch sport live on TV. Here at MP we'll show you the very best Stoke pubs to watch sport in below.

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Stoke on Trent, it's only a world centre for fine ceramics and the finest football Staffordshire has ever seen. The town has spawned such esteemed international stars as Robbie Williams, Slash and Motorhead's Lemmy. What hasn't it got I hear you all cry? Well, up until very recently a top-drawer service for finding which pubs are showing sport on TV, that's what. Fortunately MatchPint has stepped in to solve such a quandary that had no doubt been turning the residents of Staffordshire inside out with grief. Here on this page you'll find some of what we think are the very best sports pubs Stoke on Trent has to offer. It's not quite a complete list yet, however, so if you know of a cracking boozer in the area that belongs on this page, shoot us an email to and we'll look into it.

The Thistleberry

The Thistleberry

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A beloved community pub, The Thistleberry offers sport, live music, darts, pool and much more.