Best Preston Sports Pubs and Bars

As a very sporty city, Preston is packed with pubs showing football, rugby and it can get quite tricky to find out which pub is showing which game. Thanks to MatchPint, this is no longer an issue. Just type in your location and find out all the details. And because we like to make your sports watching the best possible experience, we've created a little selection of what we believe to be the best sports bars in Preston. Whether it's a big screen or a nice meal to go with your game that you're after, just click on one of our recommended venues and find out why we think they're worth checking out.

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Want to come and watch the Grasshoppers performance, support England for the 6 nations? Any sports event you want to watch at the pub, simply put in your location and MatchPint finds you the perfect venue. Our list of selected pubs is detailed and all you have to do is click on the pub page and find out all about each these great finds. Use the App or website and we've got you covered for the whole experience! Have a bite, bring your dog, just check the venue and we take care of the rest.  And if you're looking to take your loyal companion on a little journey, check out our selected best sports pubs in Liverpool.